Exhausted after a long journey, you place your bag down on the freshly made bed, ready to relax. Suddenly, an ominous sixty minute countdown begins. No matter what you try, the door will not open. Welcome to the Crimson Lake Motel. You check in, but you NEVER check out!

Please be aware that there are crime scene elements to this room such as fake blood splatters that may not be suitable for younger children.



Your friend has been murdered! You know who did it, but the police do not believe you. In a desperate attempt to find justice you have invaded the killer’s lair in the hopes of finding the proof to bring the killer to justice. However, the maniac could return at any time. Gather the proof and send this killer to prison before he returns. Do you have what it takes to IDENTIFY this psychopath’s other victims?



Cursed Carnival Escape Room..You and your friends have won a prize at the local carnival, but it’s a prize with a difference. Since you’ve taken it home, you have been tormented by strange dreams and a haunting voice that tells you that you must return your prize within 7 days. You return to the carnival on the 7th day and enter the old repair shed where you must solve the mystery with only an hour left before the clock strikes midnight. Can you break the curse in 60 minutes or will your nightmares come true Breakout Auckland.

Recommended for adults and children (10yrs+)



There is currently a Flu pandemic that is highly contagious and spreads by human contact. There have been rumors that a private company has developed a cure, but only plans on selling it to the wealthy. You have been hired by a rival company to break into their lab, find the cure, and make it out without being caught. You will have to find an alternative exit, as the security guards will be hot on your trail.



Think of yourselves as bounty hunters of the Wild West breaking in to a saloon in search of loot! The problem though… Someone’s recognised you from your Wanted posters and the Sheriff is hot on your tail! It’s a race to escape, although this time the bigger reward you collect, the higher up the leaderboard you go! Make sure you’re out by the time the Sheriff catches up to you (even if it means leaving some of your riches behind) or your loot means nothing and you’ll end up spending the night in a cell as Breakout Auckland’s Most Wanted!

Recommended for adults and children (10yrs+)